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T-Mobile announces new number app, BMW announces 2018 GTE

Technology as we know it is constantly advancing, new devices, applications, and methods of using them are developed and made available to us at an incredibly fast rate.

Smartphones are one piece of technology that has become a part of most people’s daily lives, no matter where one seems to walk there is someone using their phone to check their e-mail, make a call, text, watch videos, or even to play a game. However, some people do find themselves in tight situations when they do not have their phones available, luckily those who have T-Mobile will no longer need to worry about that.

T-Mobile service users can now live without fear of having no way to contact others, so long as they carry another portable device such as a laptop or tablet. T-Mobile has announced that they are now letting their users link their phone numbers to any other internet connected device through an app known as Digits. Users will also have the option to add a second Digits phone number for the charge of $10 a month. This app offers a great convenience for those who don’t always have their phones available or at the time have a phone with a dead battery.

This new app creates a great convenience for T-Mobile service carriers who find themselves in these unfortunate situations. For example, let’s say you have an emergency call to make to someone, you take out your phone to make the call and right when the person on the other end picks up, click, the phone dies and you are left without any way to contact that person. With the convenience of Digits, you now have other options to contact that person.

However, this new convenience doesn’t come without risk, by using this new app you are basically exposing your phone and personal information publicly which can become a target for hackers, nonetheless so long as the app has been looked over by T-Mobile, the risk of being hacked shouldn’t deter customers from using the app. Phones have not only become a great source of entertainment and convenience but also a great emergency button if any less than ideal situations arise.

As the saying goes, “it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

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