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The Beats PowerBeats 3 headphones are long lasting

The new PowerBeats 3 are fitness headphones introduced by Beat, which Apple owns now. Moreover, these headphones are fitted with a W1 chip. Now that Apple owns Beats, it means that once you are connected with an iPhone, the headphones will be recognized by Apple Watch, MacBook, and iPad, linked to your iCloud account. The W1 chip introduces a long-reaching and robust connection. It means that you can move further from your music, and you won’t experience any cutting out.

Anyone in the fitness industry will tell you that you need quality headphones to motivate you to work out or run. The PowerBeats 3 have an ear-hook design that stops the headphones from falling out, which gives a fantastic experience.

If you are looking for a set of Beat buds that don’t fall out, PowerBeats 3 are somewhat costly. Although you can get some Bluetooth headphones for only $20, the PowerBeats 3 headphones are going to cost you $199.95. However, they have a lot of upgrades.


The design of the PowerBeats 3 isn’t that different from the previous models. The buds connect your ears to the hooks, and there is a Beats logo on the side. There are several tips in the box, and flanged buds are our favorite. Although the hook design stops the headphones from falling from your head, this means that the seal in your ear isn’t total. Due to this, you won’t get to experience complete noise isolation.

In the beginning, the hooks used to be quite wide and fell out of the ear. However, the hooks bend a bit, and if you make the angle narrower, they will fit perfectly. They might become a bit loose during a 5K race, and you might have to fit them properly again. Moreover, the inline remote is quite easy to use. It has a strong build quality and good buttons, which makes it quite easy to change volume, take calls, or double taps.

We always expect Good build quality from all Apple products, and the PowerBeats 3 offer just that. Everything, from the logo to the toggle attached, feels quite amazing and justifies the high price, in comparison to a standard headphone.

Sound Quality:

The PowerBeats 3 headphones have quite a rich sound. Although the bass is higher than other headphones, it isn’t insanely high. So, the buds won’t echo in your ears. Moreover, the perfect level of bass makes the headphones feel like sports earbuds. The bass response is a bit tight, and it may overwhelm you on certain occasions. They are perfect for a workout, but not so good when you want to relax. If you are looking for genuinely musical headphones, you can check out Sony’s IER-Z1R in Ear headphones here.

Apple has given a lot of attention to detail in the PowerBeats 3 headphones, and many pleasing touches are quite apparent. Although there is a strong connection with the PowerBeats headphones, you will have trouble connecting initially. When you turn the PowerBeats 3 headphones, turning them on won’t give you an instant audio signal. You need to wait a few seconds to confirm the connection with the phone. However, holding the headphones for too long initiates the pairing mode.

Other than these issues, these headphones work perfectly. You can also go further away from the phone, and the connection won’t cut off.

Battery Life:

One of the biggest selling points of PowerBeats 3 headphones is that they have a great battery life. Apple has designed these headphones to go perfectly with other products in the Apple ecosystem. Therefore, we won’t be surprised if future models are lightning-connected.

To give you an idea of battery life, you can charge it fully once, and it won’t need to charge for four to five days — moreover, the battery charges at a rapid pace.


There are many advantages of using the PowerBeats 3 headphones. They have a great battery life and an excellent wireless range. However, the design and fitting aren’t up to the mark. Moreover, the high price of these headphones may also turn away some customers. Still, if you need headphones for workouts and fitness routines, PowerBeats 3 are the perfect headphones.

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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.