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The Witcher 4: Our Expectation from the New Witcher Game

The Witcher game

We know that the developer CD Projekt RED is making a new The Witcher Game as its next title. However, one thing is for sure that the Witcher 4 won’t come soon. The Witcher 3 initially launched in 2015, and Cyberpunk 2077 is coming in 2020. Thus, we will have to wait another five years before CD Projekt RED starts another open-world RPG.  

However, the announcement of the launch of the new game is still good news. We have plenty of stuff to keep ourselves busy until then, like The Witcher TV series and the Witcher books.  

So, what do we want to see in The Witcher game? Here’s everything we expect from the new Witcher game.  

  1. Folklore Creatures:  

The Witcher’s creatures are mainly based on European folklore, so we would love to see some other folklore monsters that aren’t in the bestiary yet. The new version might introduce Selkies, a dark version of a leprechaun or a snake hybrid Tatzelwurm from the Austrian mythology 

There’s so much folklore that could be used, and we would love to see CD Projekt RED’s take on as many as possible.  

2. Less Influence from the TV show:  

The worst thing which CD Project RED could do right now is to develop The Witcher 4 around decisions made in the TV show. Surely, the Netflix series will introduce several new players to the game. Still, we don’t want to see the game completely influenced by the TV series.  

The Witcher 3 game

3. Continued Save Data from the Witcher 3:  

This is quite possible because The Witcher 3 is playable on several platforms. Moreover, Witcher 3 allowed you to import data from the previous entry in the franchise. So, wherever The Witcher 4 happens, it should happen after the events of Wild Hunt.  

4. Series Bard Action:  

We want to see more songs and more of Jaskier in the new franchise. We want to see more songs like the epic “Toss A Coin to Your Witcher” song. The fan base of the franchise wants music, and it should get epic music.  

5. A Nintendo Console Port:  

It was impressive to see The Witcher 3 ported to the Nintendo Switch. A new Witcher game won’t be able to do this from the start, and we don’t expect Cyberpunk 2077 to do it soon. However, we hope that the CD Projekt RED will port what the Switch has been replaced by, so the biggest audience can enjoy the game.  

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