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TikTok partners with to sell tickets for its first live music event

Image Credits: TikTok
Image Credits: TikTok

TikTok debuted its paid music streaming service a few months ago to take on industry leaders Spotify, Apple, and Amazon. With this most recent statement, the corporation seems to be taking a go at selling tickets. Today, TikTok, the creator of the short-form video app, launched its first live worldwide music event called “In the Mix.” This is the first time the company has charged its users for event tickets.

According to a business official who talked with TechCrunch, TikTok has teamed with, a ticketing technology startup, to aid with ticket sales for its event. Tickets for “In The Mix” will go on sale starting on October 27 on TikTok’s new website,, with a general sale commencing November 2. The range of prices is $25 to $60.

The new ticketing venture from TikTok was launched a year after Spotify launched a website where tickets could be purchased straight from the platform.

Although the firm experimented with tickets four years ago, TikTok has not yet introduced ticketing features within its app. 2019 saw TikTok try “TikTok Tickets,” a service that offered tickets for 500 movies and events and was exclusively accessible in Thailand.

Additionally, TikTok and Ticketmaster collaborated to launch an in-app event discovery function last year that let users purchase Ticketmaster tickets straight through TikTok.

To better compete with Spotify and other music event discovery services, it is unclear if TikTok will continue to stage its events or build a dedicated in-app ticketing page if its “In the Mix” event is successful and sells out. Shazam, owned by Apple, unveiled today a feature that allows users to search for and find local gigs.

Popular musicians Cardi B, Niall Horan, Charlie Puth, and Anitta will perform at the next “In The Mix” event on December 10. Rising talents Isabel LaRosa, Kali, LU KALA, and Sam Barber from the TikTok Elevate emerging artist program will also be there.

Additionally, “In the Mix” will feature various activities influenced by popular videos on TikTok’s For You stream. Thus, many people may attempt to mimic the Subway tube girl video or Tyla’s Water dance. TikTok Live will also provide a worldwide feed of the event.

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