If you read the title, you’re probably just as confused as the rest of us.

With Black Ops 3’s final Zombies DLC taking players through a “greatest hits” style mashup of all the best and most memorable Zombies maps of the past, we were skeptical that this Call of Duty’s Zombies mode would be able to yet again up the ante.

After watching the most recent Zombies trailer… We’re not sure it has upped the ante per say, but it’s safe to assume it will be riding on the same level of insanity as the Zombies maps of the prior installment.

The trailer contains a walkthrough of two of the newest maps that will be included on the Black Ops IV disk: “Voyage of Despair” and “XI”.

The story revolves around one Scarlett Rhodes, a young woman investigating the disappearance of her father fifteen years ago. Scarlet teams up with three other men who say that her father was somehow very important to their lives. Then there’s something about an ancient relic, some weird magic – zombie – noises, and before you can blink, people are shooting things.

The first map shown is “Voyage of Despair”, which takes place on the titanic, and appears to be centered around some kind of dark magic or evil relic transforming the crew into undead hordes. In addition to lots of classic bullets-in-zombies action, some scenes in the trailer show a kind of necrotic-looking pus growing on the walls and floors of the ship, indicating that this map’s secondary mechanics may involve interacting with those growths. It also shows off some interesting new unique weapons, including what appears to be a continuous heat ray and a sword which can spread into multiple smaller metal blades, extending itself into a kind of razer whip.

The second map takes the crew back in time, placing them in an ancient arena filled with hordes of undead. This arena seems to have more of a horizontal layout rather than the numerous vertical floors of “Voyage of Despair” and use undead tigers possibly as an alternative to the hellhound rounds, or as a kind of special boss round.

These two maps will be released alongside a third excursion titled “Blood of the Dead”, which has not been shown yet. Black Ops IV is available for Pre-Order now, and the full game will release on October 12th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Featured Image Via Flickr / steamXO

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    I feel like developers are running out of ideas at this point… they’re trying to keep it fresh, but tigers? Really?