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Why 8 Ball Poll is the best online pool game ever?

best online game

If some argue with my claim that 8 Ball Pool is the best online game, I will say it is still one of the best online games ever.

As a player, I have every right to say this with both conviction and authority.

The Miniclip created the game in 2010. It is one of the most exciting platforms for online players with love for billiards or pool to showcase, besides boosting their skills.

The game is based on various levels, and each is played with coins, that you have to earn by winnings.


Why 8 Ball is best online pool game!

With over 500 million downloads, 8 Ball Poll is one of the best online games the internet users can crave for.

Why it is the best game, there are several reasons.

First of all, unlike offline games with single-player or user, and with the machine playing against, you sound both boring and outdated.

Online games provide a player the sense of ownership over his victory against an opponent he is playing in real-time. No need to say that a sense of dignity follows that keeps the players ever-indulging in the game.

In the 8 Ball Pool, even though the opponent is playing with you from a distance spanning several oceans, he exists at all. And it is that what matters most, and gives you a sense of engagement.

Secondly, for both kinds of players, those who play it as a vocation or pastime, or those who take it more seriously and aim for the national or world championships, it provides them the platform.

Thirdly, 8 Ball Pool is a game that provides the player the scope to flourish from scratch as it hands out 50 or 100 coins that one can stretch to billions of coins. But the prosperity comes after persistent winnings, which in turn comes through strategy and tactical calculations.

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Besides, on each winning, the level of the player scales up, and he can reach from 0 to 999 level. Earlier, the highest level was 150, which later was increased to 999, observing the continued interest and talent of the players.

In addition, 8 Ball Pool has been upgraded from the bilateral competition of 10 million coins to 150 million coins.

But only professionals who pay to unlock the highest game can play the 150M game as it is exclusively meant for the players who play for big competitions. However, for the Miniclip, it serves a more exclusive purpose: minting money, which is understandably fair enough.


What I learned from 8 Ball Pool


Games are a great platform not only for amusement, but to learn the real-life lessons, and to ultimately grow as it inculcates a particular temperament in a person.

My experience of playing this fantastic game for the last five years has been phenomenal. Not only that I’m one of the top players of the game, but I’m also someone who has learned the financial management from it.

It might sound exaggerative to the readers, but it is what has precisely been the case. Playing 8 Ball Pool has inculcated in me over the years a sense of tactical calculations in choosing my job preferences and the possible ways to exploit the financial opportunities.

Obviously, it is too much to ask from me the further details, which I’d be keeping short of discussing further. However, I’ll suggest the 8 Ball Pool players exploit this aspect of the game if they haven’t already.


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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.