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Will Apple Adopt USB-C for All Devices?

Apple’s new iPhone is considered to be revolutionary. There were many features that were rumored to be part of the new iPhone, including the substitution of the traditional lighting-charging port. Most people support the notion of moving away from the traditional charging method to support a much more universal method. On top of that, the newest MacBook had gotten rid of the various ports that were present in the last-gen model of the MacBook. By doing this, Apple forced users to buy a dongle or USB hub that would allow them to charge their new iPhone using the MacBook. The rumor about the switch from a lightning cable to a USB-C started when the Wall Street Journal had quoted anonymous sources claiming that Apple is willing to make such a transition.

But, it is highly unlikely Apple will actually make the switch to USB-C. Instead, Apple will most likely include an adapter that allows a USB-C cable to be used even if the iPhone has a lightning charging port. Since the release of the newest MacBook, cables have become a very large issue. Many critics feel that Apple had ruined a “system” of connection between the Apple devices by changing the ports of the MacBook.

The initial notion of replacing the lightning cable with a USB-C was a vision of “The One True Cable” that would allow every mobile device, computer, accessory, and charger to be equal and give universal access to all technology. Since Apple had standardized USB-C on the new MacBook, many people assumed that Apple was looking to expand USB-C to the iPhone as well.

There are several factors as to why Apple would stay with the Lightning charging system. First of all, Apple is a business, and any business’s goal is to make money. By keeping the Lightning cable, Apple would be making much more revenue as Apple receives a royalty for every officially licensed lightning cable.

Secondly, many users are now accustomed to the lightning cable, so a change to USB-C would surely upset many loyal customers. Apple has built a variety of devices that rely on the lightning cable, including the iPhone, the iPad, and the iPod. Apple has had a history of creating extreme changes that leave behind legacy media and connectors. The most recent change Apple had created was the removal of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7, a removal that was met with unprecedented backlash. Apple most likely won’t be making such a rash decision so quickly.

Even if the vast majority would like to see a USB-C replacement of the lightning cable, there is already an adapter that allows users to use a USB-C cable to charge their iPhone. In fact, the 29-watt USB-C charger allows for a quicker charge because of its USB 3-compatible lightning port.

A change to USB-C would be unlikely and ultimately pointless in the long run. With the only Apple product that does not use the lightning cable, the Apple Watch instead comes with a magnetic charging adapter. Before the rumors about the switch to USB-C charging, many rumors suggested that Apple was looking for a wireless-charging alternative to the lightning cable. John Gruber, a so-called “Apple Guru,” had said that the only way Apple would be able to remove the lightning cable and replace it with USB-C charging would be if Apple changed all charging cables for all devices at the same time. Even then, such a drastic change would be met with backlash. More information will be released regarding the charging system as September and the release of the newest iPhone are approaching.

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Manpreet Singh
Manpreet Singh
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