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Will Okami HD be making its way to Xbox One and PlayStation 4?

Okami HD may very possibly make its way to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, according to sources connected to Kotaku UK. The game will supposedly release in December, relatively close to the holiday season.

Kotaku UK has reached out to Capcom UK, but has yet to receive a response.

Okami was originally released as a PlayStation 2 exclusive back in 2006. It was later released to the Wii in 2008 and to the PlayStation 3 (the HD version) in 2012. If Kotaku UK is right, not only will the game be released for a fourth time on two different consoles, but will also be released five years after the last version was released.

In Okami, players will take on the journey of Japan’s goddess of the sun, Amaterasu (who takes on the form of a wold), to discover the thirteen Celestial Brush powers after losing them in a fight against Orochi, a demonic eight-headed snake that put a curse on the land 100 years ago according to the Okami official website.

The game is known for looking like it comes straight out of old Japanese folklore and art, which helps to completely submerge the player in this modern storytelling of an ancient tale. It also features an “open world” sort of experience, allowing the players to travel where they want and either follow along with the story or do various side quests made available throughout the Okami world.

Okami managed to gain extremely positive ratings from both critics and fans. It’s original release on the PlayStation 2 earned a score of a 93 from critics and 9.4 user score; the Wii release has a score of 90 from critics and an 8.9 user score, and the PlayStation 3 HD release has a score of 90 from critics and a 9.0 user score on Metacritic. Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea if Capcom brought this game back to life for the more modern consoles.

One of the more recent reviews from Gaming Age gave Okami HD a score of 100.

“Overall, Okami HD is an experience that should not be missed. It’s stylized graphics and engaging gameplay really show that this game was ahead of its time with its initial release. Old and new players alike owe it to themselves to download it and either relive the adventure, or experience it for the first time. With its updated visuals and awesome gameplay, this is one that should not be missed,” said Gaming Age in their review of Okami HD. You can find the full review from Gaming Age here.

One Metacritic user, cabalavatar, gave the game a score of 10 out of 10.

“If I could, I’d rate this game 9.6, but I rounded up. From the lush environments and your ability to rebuild them all the way to a fun, humorous, and usually compelling story, you can easily immerse yourself in this masterpiece of video game art. There is a reason that it’s featured in video game museums,” they said in their review of the game. The full review from cabalavatar and their user profile can be found here.

This is one game I would very much appreciate to be brought back to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. I’ve experienced playing Okami in the past for the Wii, and the story along with the visual aspect of the game is enough to pull me back in for another go. If you prefer more ‘artsy’ games, then I would recommend Okami for you.

If Kotaku UK is correct, then the game will be made available on December 12 of this year at various European retailers. It is unknown if there will also be a US or Japan Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release for Okami.

Featured image via the Okami official website.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Leonardo Andrés López Carreño

    August 9, 2018 at 3:37 am

    This would be so awesome! As an Okami fan, I could not be more excited

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