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Xbox One Receives Huge Update Today

The Xbox One is receiving a big update today and is set to be loaded with new features for the system. Microsoft has given details on the newest update for the Xbox One and it’s supposed to be one of the biggest ones released for the system so far, the first new feature the update will add to the console is the introduction of custom gamerpics where players will be able to upload any of their own images to use as customized Xbox One avatars. Players will be able to upload images directly from their console, smartphone, Window’s 10 PC, or your Club’s background and profile pic.

Possibly the biggest feature this new update brings is the ability to co-stream on the Xbox One. This new feature allows up to three users to stream together in a single broadcast through the use of the console’s Mixer service. The Mixer service allows users to find the streams of other Xbox One users easily simply by searching the names of the user, as well as displaying a list of people who are currently streaming. Users can invite others to co-stream by simply selection the option from the desired user’s profile. For those of you who share an Xbox One console with other users, the new feature allows users to link their profile to a specific controller that will automatically sign you into the console each time it is used, making it easier to access your profile and prevent others from using it. To link your profile to a controller simply choose the controller you wish to link it to, go into the Settings menu and select “Sign-in” and then select “Security & Passkey.”

After that select the “This controller signs in” option and finally select “Link controller” and you’re good to go. The update adds new features for video games and the mobile apps as well, players will now be able to set up their own tournaments in the game Killer Instinct and as for the mobile apps, players will now be able to share Looking-for-Group requests on the Xbox iOS and Android app, making it easier to find specific groups and friends to play with. The Xbox team at Microsoft will continue to listen to the feedback of their users and will provide future updates with new features that are sure to please their users. Xbox encourages gamers to provide feedback on their updates and consoles in order to further develop them, this can be done on their website, Happy gaming!

Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons

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