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Apple’s App Store Transparency Report Reveals Over 1.6 Million Rejected Submissions in 2022

App Store

Apple’s App Store Transparency Report Reveals Over 1.6 Million Rejected Submissions in 2022

In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile applications, the App Store stands as a prominent marketplace for developers to showcase their innovations and creations. As of 2022, the App Store boasted an impressive 1,783,232 apps, catering to the diverse needs of users worldwide. However, behind this vast array of apps lies a meticulous review process that ensures only the highest-quality and most compliant applications find their way into the store. Apple’s recently published App Store Transparency Report sheds light on the scrutiny faced by these submissions, revealing that over 1.6 million apps were rejected in 2022 alone.

Unveiling Apple’s Transparency Initiative

In a move towards transparency, Apple took the significant step of releasing its App Store Transparency Report for the first time. The report provides valuable insights into the app review process, offering statistics on the number of submissions, reasons for rejection, takedown requests, and more. The document is a testament to Apple’s commitment to maintaining the integrity and security of its platform while fostering a fair and thriving environment for developers and users alike.

The Numbers Behind the Rejections

According to the transparency report, Apple reviewed a staggering 6,101,913 submissions in 2022. These submissions encompass not only new app releases but also updates to existing applications. Of these, a remarkable 1,679,694 submissions faced rejection. The reasons for these rejections varied, highlighting the stringent performance guidelines set by Apple.

Surprisingly, the most common cause of rejection was a failure to comply with Apple’s performance guidelines, accounting for over one million rejected apps. This emphasizes Apple’s unwavering commitment to delivering a seamless user experience and maintaining the highest standards of performance and functionality.

In addition to performance-related rejections, Apple also turned down 441,972 submissions based on legal grounds. This showcases the company’s dedication to upholding copyright, intellectual property rights, and legal compliance within the App Store ecosystem.

App Removals and Takedown Requests

Beyond rejections, the report sheds light on the removal of existing apps from the App Store. In 2022, Apple removed a total of 186,195 apps. Apple’s rules and policies violations were the main cause of these removals. The company received 1,474 takedown requests, with the vast majority of these requests originating from mainland China (1,435 requests). India followed in a distant second with 14 takedown requests.

Furthermore, Apple received 5,484 appeals from developers whose apps were removed from the Chinese App Store. Following a rigorous review process, Apple restored 169 apps, showcasing the importance the company places on considering developer appeals.

A Glimpse into App Downloads

In addition to the review and rejection statistics, the report also highlights the popularity of the App Store. Users around the globe downloaded an astounding average of 747,873,877 apps every week. Interestingly, users also redownloaded an average of 1,539,274,266 apps per week, indicating a high level of engagement and satisfaction with the apps available on the platform.

Conclusion: Striving for Excellence

Apple’s App Store Transparency Report offers a comprehensive look into the rigorous review process that ensures the quality, safety, and compliance of apps available to millions of users. As Apple continues to prioritize transparency and accountability, developers are encouraged to adhere to the performance guidelines and legal standards set by the company. This commitment to excellence creates a secure and enriching ecosystem for developers and users alike, fostering innovation and trust within the vibrant world of mobile applications.

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