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Apple has halted Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 online sales

Apple logo is seen on the Apple store at The Marche Saint Germain in Paris, France July 15, 2020. REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes/File Photo
Apple logo is seen on the Apple store at The Marche Saint Germain in Paris, France July 15, 2020. REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes/File Photo

As promised, Apple has formally taken the Watch Series 9 down from its online store. The unexpected action was revealed earlier this week when the business said it had to halt sales of its flagship wristwatch due to an ongoing legal battle. When you visit the website, the buy button is replaced with the text “Currently Unavailable.”

Similarly, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 isn’t available. The entry-level Apple Watch SE is still available despite its restricted on-board health indicators. The Series 9 is still available through different internet retailers. For example, Amazon continues to guarantee pre-Christmas delivery in certain regions.

Until Christmas Eve, the wearable will still be accessible in physical Apple Store locations. The business verified with TechCrunch that you may still order the watch online for in-store pickup through December 24.

Apple and Masimo’s patent dispute has been extensively reported in the media for the past few years. Given the extraordinary nature of Monday’s news, many people were taken aback, even if Apple lost a few significant judgments.

Apple Watch Series 9 sales will stop due to a patent dispute. In a statement to TechCrunch earlier, the business started contesting the rulings.

Regarding a ruling by the U.S. International Trade Commission on a technical intellectual property issue related to Apple Watch devices with the Blood Oxygen function, a Presidential Review Period is now underway. Even though the review process doesn’t conclude until December 25, Apple is already preparing to comply if the decision is upheld. This includes stopping the sale of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 starting on December 21 on and ending on December 24 at Apple retail stores.

Apple’s teams put much effort into developing goods and services with cutting-edge safety, wellness, and health features that empower consumers. Apple is pursuing several legal and technological measures to guarantee that the Apple Watch is accessible to users, as it vehemently disagrees with the ruling.

If the injunction is upheld, Apple will keep doing everything it can to get the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 back to American consumers as quickly as possible.

The critical component of the system is an optical image sensor that tracks the heart rate of the wearer. Apple used similar technology back in 2020, when the Series 6 was released. Masimo has charged the hardware behemoth with, among other things, stealing critical personnel. Apple “began hiring Masimo employees, starting with Masimo’s Chief Medical Officer,” according to the report.

Discontinuing the sale of one of your most popular items is never wrong; the holidays provide unique challenges. Even though Apple managed to maintain sales through the end of the year, some people could have to accept a raincheck this year.

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