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Apple Music Replay is here, and it’s still no Spotify Wrapped

Image Credits: TechCrunch
Image Credits: TechCrunch

Apple’s year-end review and answer to Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music Replay, has come, but it is still no match for Spotify’s personalized look back at your year in music. Apple Music Replay came out before Spotify Wrapped. In 2023, the Apple experience, accessed through a URL at, will display your most famous songs, albums, artists, and genres, providing more information on your listening history. When compared to Spotify’s Wrapped, Apple’s experience, on the other hand, does not allow for the development of one-of-a-kind, shareable experiences such as Spotify’s “Audio Aura” in 2021 or its “Listening Personality” feature in 2022.

These features appeal to listeners’ feelings of self and interest in how they compare to others who listen to Spotify recordings. They are also designed specifically for social sharing; for example, the “Listening Personalities” from the previous year each received a colorful card that could be shared on a social media app such as Instagram Stories or sent to friends via text message. In general, they are entertaining, and they are inspired by the trends that are occurring in the culture.

As an alternative, Apple’s year-end evaluation is based on more conventional measurements. This year, Apple Music customers can discover whether or not they are among the top 100 listeners of their preferred artist or genre. Additionally, they can study the year-end rankings, where they are not exposed to many surprises. By illustration, Apple Music named Taylor Swift the Artist of the Year. For the first time, the chart data indicates the songs that had the most traction on Apple Music Sing is the company’s karaoke-like sing-along function embedded within Apple Music. Additionally, the chart data emphasizes the songs that were the most popular during the year across both Shazam and Apple Music.

Additionally, users are provided with their own version of the top 100 song chart for each year in which they have qualified using Replay’s playlists. Additionally, in contrast to Wrapped, which is intended to be a more current look back at a time that is supposed to blow up on social media for a period, Replay is available to anyone who listens to Apple Music throughout the year.

Users go to and check in using the same Apple ID they use for Apple Music to access Replay. While Apple’s insights are also optimized for sharing on their social channels or through messaging, they’re not as dynamic, artistic, or original as the features Spotify comes up with every year, which differ from year to year as well, leaving users to wonder what’s in store for their next Wrapped.

However, it is essential to draw attention to the fact that Apple Music’s feature was released just a few months before Spotify’s, as the latter was reportedly aiming to have a head start on social sharing of music in 2023.

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