There is one thing in today’s society that a lot of us cannot live without, and just to clarify: it’s not water, it’s not food, it’s not shelter, and it’s certainly not oxygen. Nope, it’s our cellular devices, otherwise known as our cell phones.

The one problem we all have in common is that we are always on them, spending hours and hours glued to our screens (and if you’re saying you could go weeks without your phone, you, my friend are lying through your teeth). This, in turn, presents the much bigger problem, the battery life on our phones. Let’s face it, companies spend so much time nowadays thinning out the phones of today (literally) that they pay such little attention to actually preserving the phone’s battery life. This is why we carry around portable chargers and charger cases.

Now, the million-dollar question comes in: which one is better for charging your phone and which one is more convenient? First, let’s talk about the portable charger. This is the charger with the large chargeable adaptor that needs to be charged beforehand. Once it’s charged it’s ready for on the go use. With this charger, whenever our phones die and we’re nowhere near an outlet, all we have to do is take out our handy dandy iPhone wire, connect it to our fully charged adapter and Voila! Our phone is being charged!

The only downside to this is that the adapters have tendencies to become overheated and can sometimes burn out, as well as be very bulky and hard to fit in pockets or purses. Second, let’s talk about the charger cases. These charger cases are exactly what they sound like- cases that are able to be charged beforehand and then charge your phone. Similar to the portable charger adapter, once our phone is running low on battery, (as long as our charger case is connected) we simply press the power button on the back of the case to turn it on and charge our phones. This case is also sturdy and doubles as a protector case so if you ever drop your phone you don’t have to worry about the screen cracking because of a flimsy case.

The charges of the portable adaptor and charger cases vary from company to company along with varying prices. For example, portable adaptor charger brands such as ZeroLemon, ToughJuice and RAVPower charge phones for about 2 days and are available at various prices starting from $20+. The charger cases from companies such as Trianium and Mophie (two of the most reputable brands) can charge phones for the same amount of time with the Trianium case retailing at about $20+ and the Mophie cases retailing for about $150. Overall, I prefer the charger cases as they not only provide the same amount of charge capacity as the portable chargers, but they generally come from more reputable companies and cannot be found as cheap knockoffs like most portable adaptors can. They can double as a sturdy case for your phone, and can be just as affordable as the portable adaptors, as the charger cases can retail for $20 minimum.

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