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Dying Light 2 Release Date & Details From E3

This year’s E3 2018 conference was certainly a leaky boat. Lots of details, such as the worldwide premiere of Devil May Cry 5 leaked months before the show, but there were still many surprises to be had. One that came completely out of nowhere was Dying Light 2, which will be dropping sometime in 2019, though a specific release date has yet to be announced.

They also dropped a host of details on what players can expect from the successor to the smash-hit title that packed over a year of free content updates and one of the most transformative DLC packages in the past decade, easily up there with the expansive DLC projects of The Witcher 3.

First off is the massively boosted world size, something that players of open-world games have come to expect in their sequels. In a breakdown by PCGamesn, Techland reported that the second game will feature a map that is four times larger than the combined size of the first game’s three maps. Yes, we said three – this new map will be four times as large as the base game’s two playable areas, Old Town and The Slums, plus the area from the game’s DLC, which by itself was twice as large as the base game’s maps.

And while the first game took place in a fictional Turkish city, the second will take players into the west, setting them down in a fictional European city that has yet to be given an official name by either of the two trailers released so far.

This does also confirm an advancement to the game’s story: As opposed to most zombie games, Dying Light didn’t take place in a world overrun by the infected plague, rather it sent players right into the only place in the world that was infected, where they would later discover (SPOILERS!!!) that the company they were working for was responsible for the zombie outbreak (END OF SPOILERS!!!). For the second game to be set in a city so far from the first means that whatever containment efforts were attempted in Dying Light 1 didn’t go over so well, and the setting is now much more akin to your traditional undead wasteland.

Techland, the company behind Dying Light, has also brought an enhanced focus to player choice and branching gameplay paths. This has been shown off in one of the two trailers, where a player can either choose to accept or refuse a shady faction that wants to take control of the city’s water supply. The demo plays through both choices: If the player refuses the deal, water will become more accessible and the group of survivors will be able to set up a wider ring of control around the city, leading to visible changes in the world via new structures being build on rooftops and in old ruins. However, this organization has a fairly oppressive way of controlling its survivors, so police brutality will become rampant and the survivor group’s dangerous government will grow stronger.

Siding with the shady group will give the player access to banned or illegal resources, otherwise difficult to come by, via a budding black market. But this will also attract more and more similar shady types to the city, which might make the lives of the player and other survivors a lot more difficult.

Additional promises offer a revamped combat and traversal system, with double the parkour moves present in the original game. There’s also a greater emphasis on tactical combat this time, so direct approaches might become a bit more difficult. The day/night cycle will also make a return, and a reveal trailer hinted that the night would bring even more terrifying threats this time around.

Joe Detrano
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