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Tesla Owner Saves Man’s Life While Sacrificing His Tesla Model S

To many, Elon Musk is considered a very intelligent person with an amicable personality. Being the leader of several major technology-based foundations, Musk has a large influence in society. Specifically, Tesla, an electric automaker, has been seeing outstanding improvement and overall popularity amongst the general population.

In a recent incident, a Tesla Model S owner had sacrificed his vehicle in order to save a driver. The story began with a man named Manfred Kick who was driving his Tesla Model S on the German Autobahn, the federal controlled-access highway that has no mandated speed limit, making speeding a regular incident. According to German publication Munchen Merkur, a man was driving his vehicle erratically, hitting the guardrail several times and swerving frequently. Manfred Kick had felt that the driver may have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs and decided to investigate what the problem was. After seeing that the driver was unconscious, Kick decided to intervene before a tragic accident occurred. He quickly accelerated to get in front of the speeding car and began to decelerate. The speeding car eventually came to a halt, after damaging the back of Kick’s Tesla Model S. After stopping, Kick went over to the unconscious driver and administered first aid. It was later revealed that the driver had suffered a stroke while driving.

Manfred Kick’s quick reaction and heroic thoughts had saved the unconscious driver along with a potential group of people as there could have been a large multi-vehicle collision. Kick did not even hesitate to think that the cost of damaging his Model S and the price of repairing the vehicle will be more than the lives of many in a tragic accident. As a result of his selfless actions, the unconscious man had begun his recovery back to health. By putting his $70,000 car on the line to prevent a stranger from being a danger to the people around him, Manfred Kick has shown that he is a very considerate person that would rather sacrifice his own possessions for others.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s co-founder and CEO, was so impressed by Manfred Kick’s selfless actions that he offered to repair Kick’s vehicle free of charge. Musk also congratulated Kick on his actions on Twitter and announced to the public that thoughtful actions will be rewarded. Elon Musk’s attitude towards rewarding people that do good deeds shows how he has a very amiable personality and that he is willing to give away his own resources if it means that the world will become a better place.

This incident has shown the good in humanity and that these good deeds will be rewarded. Not only has Manfred Kick shown his benevolence; Elon Musk has also been keen on showing that good deeds do not go unanswered. By saving the life of a stranger and potentially several others, and sacrificing his expensive Tesla Model S, Kick has given Tesla and Elon Musk a chance to reward good deeds and further push the agenda of making the world a better place.

Featured Image via Wikimedia

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